INKA Power

INKA Power for more Serotonin and better Mood!

(for legal reasons we give here another product name)
INKA Gold 4x 240 capsules Serotonin and good mood


A totally natural way to get more serotonin and

good mood!*




What do most of the people need to start well into the day?


Besides having a cup of coffee first of all a good mood!


If we have good mood is directly depending on the concentration of serotonin in the brain. Good news: You can influence the process of formation of serotonin by providing the essential amino acid tryptophan along with vitamins and minerals to your brain cells. Because a normal protein rich meal doesn’t bring enough tryptophan to the brain it is necessary to use a trick. It is possible to supply the brain cells with much more tryptophan if you take finely ground amaranth and quinoa (rich in amino acids and vital nutrients) on an empty stomach. In consequence good mood appears – not only in your brain cells!*

*These statements are not sufficiently proved through science, as detailed scientific verifications are not yet available. The arguments are in accordance with the general knowledge, as far as verifiable.


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